Rock n Roll Revival XXXI

We are showing our True Colors with RnR XXXI, bringing out songs, bands, and song titles with a color theme. Ms. Angie Germanos, Mr. Atticus Boidy, Mr. Ken Kimble, Ms. Diane Heath, Ms. Kelly DeLeon, Mr. Josh Mooney, Rachel Kalafos, Heather Geho, Alex Moundalexis, Jenn Nicolosi, Brandon Eckstorm, and Ms. Karah Parks will be our team for this year's show! 

Important Dates

  • NOV 18 RnR Student Leader Applications Due

  • DEC 2 Safe Harbor Meeting

  • DEC 3-13 Auditions

  • DEC 20 Show List Posted

  • JAN 2 Mandatory Cast Meeting 

  • JAN 6 Mandatory Parent Meeting @7 pm

  • FEB 1 Tickets on sale to the public

  • MAR 8 Start of Tech Week

  • MAR 19-22, 26-28 Show Dates

  • MAR 28 Show Party

  • APR 27 RNR Scholarship Applications Due

Questions about Rock n Roll Revival can be sent to