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Auditions: RNR XXXII "British Invasion"

NOV 30: 4pm Virtual Organizational Meeting for former RnR show members and 4:30 for new potential members on how to audition (SPHS Drama 2020-2021 GC code pktokka)

DEC 6: Audition Forms due

DEC 7: Band Audition Videos due: Please submit two video audition pieces in contrasting styles, approximately two minutes length for each. Kit drummers - one piece should feature steady beats. For the contrasting piece, a rock drum solo. Callbacks, as needed, will be a piece emailed to you Friday afternoon 11 Dec. Your callback video performance of the piece is due Monday evening 14 Dec. Upload your audition to this Google Drive and label with your first and last name:

*DEC 8: Dance Audition Videos due: See Dance Audition Video in SPHS Drama 2020-2021 Google Classroom and upload your audition to this Google Drive labeled with your first and last name:

DEC 11: Band Audition Callback materials emailed

*DEC 11: Vocal/ASL Audition Videos due: See Wish List but not required to audition with Wish List! Upload your approximately two minutes length audition video to the Google Drive labeled with your first and last name:

DEC 14: Dance Audition Callbacks posted

DEC 14: Band Callback Videos due

DEC 18: Dance Audition Callback Videos due

DEC 23 at 3p: Show Members List posted

JAN 4 at 4p: Virtual Practices begin/OUTDOOR In-person practices and filming weather permitting Jan-April

JAN 8: Contract/Payment due (show fee for cast/band is $100; tech crew fee is $50)

JAN 11 at 7p: Parent Meeting

Show(s) late May/early June

*NEW FOR THIS YEAR ONLY! You may audition for the Cast by Dance OR Vocals instead of BOTH! You may also do both but it is NOT required this year ONLY!

RnR Staff

Producer/Co-Director: Miss Germanos Asst Producer: Mrs. Heath

Co-Director: Atticus Boidy Band/Vocal/Sound Director: Ken Kimble 

Choreographer: Kelly DeLeon Asst Choreographer: Heather Geho

Vocal Directors: Mr. Brisentine Ms. Parks Adam Beres

Tech Director: Jenn Nicolosi Mr. Beans Website

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