Character Breakdown & Sides

Casting Director is on screen the whole show, with Roger showing up in-between auditions.

The other 11 characters are auditioners who each have a short audition, about one to two pages, and then a potential outro scene if they are cast by audience votes. 

Character Breakdown
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CASTING DIRECTOR - Female (30s - 50s) Under a lot of pressure, exasperated

ROGER - Male (20s - 30s) Assistant, over enthusiastic, go-getter

GINA MARIE - Female (30s) Stereotypical Staten Island mother of 13 year-old arsonist

KELLIN - Open Gender (Open age) Over the top Shakespearean actor

TANDY - Open Gender (20s - 30s) Intense, very energetic, must speak quickly intelligible and unintelligibly

JEFF - Male (20s - 30s) Cocky, bro, TV Fanatic

CARMEN - Female (Late teens - early 20s) Social media influencer

GREG - Male (20s) Earnest but can’t stay in frame for his life

WENDY - Open Gender (Open age) Commercial actor

PHYLLIS - Open Gender (Open age) Amazing actor, thinks they are garbage

RORY - Open Gender (Open age) Serious actor, oddly dressed, but doesn’t think so

TOM - Male (50s - 60s) Roger’s dad, bad with technology, does community theater

UMA - Female (Open age) Amazing actress, off-book but gets words wrong, exhausted


Please run through the scenes where your (up to two) character(s) are featured.  You do not have to memorize your lines for the audition.