Every show at SPHS is a monumental group effort made up of parent volunteers acting in many capacities.  Whether you have a little time or a lot, there's a place for you with the Stage Company Volunteer Corps!​ Contact Volunteer Coordinator Barb Kalafos at barbkalafos@yahoo.com for more information. 

Mandatory Volunteer Background Checks

Background investigations are required for all volunteers. In addition, fingerprinting is required for overnight chaperones, volunteers, and student teachers who have unsupervised access to students either on or off school property. Unsupervised access is defined as an adult having  responsibility for a student or students not in the direct and continuous view of  a school staff member, regardless of how brief the unsupervised time. SPHS administration requires that anyone working a dressing room with students requires fingerprinting; this applies to both Mamma Mia! and RNR XXX. 

Full information on the background check and fingerprinting process, including forms, can be found on the AACPS homepage.

Background investigations forms must be submitted online a minimum of three weeks prior to the event. Applicants are required to review and acknowledge the AACPS screening criteria for chaperone and volunteer background investigations before applying for a background check.

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