Grease, Fall production in November 2014

In May 2015 we brought home 3 CAPPIES awards:
Best Orchestra: The Gamblers
Best Featured Actress in a Musical: Taylor Stokes as Frenchy
Best Supporting Actor in a Musical: Cory Jeweler as Kenickie

SCHOOL OF ROCKFall Production in November 2016

In May 2017 we brought home 3 CAPPIES:
Lead Actor in a Musical: Sam Hickman as Dewey Finn
Best Ensemble: The Students
Best Orchestra: No Vacancy

In May 2018, we brought home a CAPPIE 
Best Female Dancer: Mary Fitzell

OKLAHOMA, Fall Production in November 2017

ALMOST, MAINE, Fall Production 2015

In May 2016, we brought home a CAPPIE 
Best Supporting Actress in a Play: Taylor Stokes as Glory