There are several openings both on the Falcon Drama Booster Board, as well as individual committees that support our productions.  Please consider volunteering your time to help us make the SP Stage Company successful in the coming season.

The next General Membership meeting is on Monday, May 1 and all those who are interested in filling a chair or board role should forward their interest before that date to Tammi Molavi at tammi.molavi@gmail.com. 

The following positions are open:

Cappies Luncheon - Chair - this is a one-time event during the run of the fall musical.  The committee's role is to plan and excute the small luncheon/dinner for the visiting Cappies Critics.

Chaperones - Co-chair - this position assists the chair in managing the chaperone schedule during tech week and show run for Fall musical and RNR.

Hair/Make-up - Liaison - this is a parent liaison role, as the hair and make-up team is comprised of students, with a student leader.  Parent role is to support needs of the committee for organization, supplies, ideas, etc.

*Costumes Database/Closet Management - this position monitors and manages the costumes database and the overall organization of the costumes closet. Database usage is TBD for 2017-2018. 

Various Board Positions - TBD - definitely need Assistant Treasurer to shadow current Treasurer; should have interest in serving on Board in future as Treasurer. Other positions will be available and identified by May 1.

All committees require many volunteers, so if you are unable to chair, please consider volunteering to be a committee member!


Falcon Drama Booster Meeting Schedule

May 1- Falcon Drama Boosters - General Meeting - 7:00 PM

Black Box Theater

Falcon Drama Booster Committee Chairs

To contact a committee chair, please send email to sphsdrama@gmail.com

Cappies Luncheon - OPEN for 2017

Cast Luncheons - Gwen Atkinson (Filled for 2017)

Cast Parties - Gail Eitel & Valerie Daughtery (Filled for 2017)

Concessions - Traci Radice (Filled for 2017)

Costume Database - Tammi Molavi (Open for 2017*)

Costumes - Michelle Hickman (TBD)

Chaperones - Tricia Bateman (Filled for 2017 - need co-chair)

Hospitality - Renee Balanca & Renee Bear (Filled for 2017)

Hair/Make-up - Magi Howland (Open for 2017)

Programs - Lauren Bahlman (Filled for 2017)

Program Ad Sales - Kim Parks (Filled for 2017)

Publicity - Sharon Willner (Filled for 2017 - need co-chair)

Thespian Trip - Lauren Bahlman (TBD for 2017)

Tickets - Diane Heath (Filled for 2017)

Tech & Stage Crew -  Pat Hall (TBD)

Ushers(RNR) - Kristen Hines & Katherine Collins Laing (Filled for 2017)

Website - Amy Donegan/Tammi Molavi (need co- chair)

Falcon Drama Boosters

2016 - 2017

Drama Director

Angela Germanos - agermanos@aacps.org

 Assistant Director

Kyle Gonzalez - kgonzalez@aacps.org

Falcon Drama Booster Board

President - Tammi Molavi - tammi.molavi@gmail.com

Vice President - Lauren Bahlman - incozumel@yahoo.com

Treasurer - Myra Carhart - myracarhart@yahoo.com

Recording Secretary - Barb Kalafos - barbkalafos@yahoo.com

Corresponding Secretary - Elaine Rice Bachmann - ebachmann@verizon.net

Member at Large - Sara Rolf - sarolf@verizon.net

Falcon Drama Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization created to support the theatre program at Severna Park High School.