"Dinner with the MacGuffins"- Lauren C
James- Matthew B
Karen- Rachel H
Helen- Caitlin M
Grandpa- Sarah K
Dwight- Cade H
Agent Smith- Will M
Agent Wesson- Brady C
Extra Agents- Carey C, Abby S, Rhyan H, Maya K

 "Oh,What a Tangled Web"- Emily A
Jan Wilson- Marie H
Chris Wilson- Hannah H
Frank Wilson- Gordon M
Shirley Wilson- Caroline P
Mr. Quigley- Jared S
Mrs. Quigley- Annabelle C
Tim: Nate V
Stan Glowacki- Lauren A

Congratulations to the One Act Casts!

"Small Actors"-Zoe S
Emily- Erin J
Laura-Becca W
Mr. Phelps-Benji F
Aunt-Abby B
Jason- Jaron G
Paul-Peter C
Samuel- Henry W
Juliet-Sofia U
Romeo- Isabel G
Chorus-Lucy F

2019 DATE - January 11, 2019

One Act Play Festival at SPHS is a special night of student-directed plays, all competing for four titles:
Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Play

Tickets available at the door


"10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse"- Nick I
Narrator 1- Evan M
Narrator 2- Lacey O
Jimmy- Zach R
Sam- Anthony D
Susan-Mary F
Christy- Josie H
Zombie 1- Isaac R
Zombie 2- Gavin I