Congratulations to the cast of Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! Student Committee Chairs

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Oct 29: Offbook! 

Nov 4: Start of Tech Week

Nov 5: Show Luncheon

​Nov 9: Opening Night


Mamma Mia! Parent Committee Chairs

Program Ad Sales: Traci Radice

Publicity: Kirsten Mummert

Show Luncheon: Stephanie Wright

Show Party: Lee Comboy

Tickets: Susan Hartley & Diane Heath

Cappies Luncheon: Pam Elser

Costumes: Michelle Hickman & Gina Dicks

Hair & Make-Up: Laura Ivey

Hospitality: Kate Horrell

Programs: Jill Robinson

Concessions: Lauren C.

Costumes: Amelia H. & Ellie H.

Props: Maya K. and Megan C.

Publicity: Emily A. and Lucy F.

Cast/Band/Crew- Key Dates: 

Co-Student Directors- Josie H. & Emily A.
Student Music Director- Jack B.
Student Choreographers- Virginia G & Liz O.

Sophie Sheridan- Sarah K.
Ali- Mary F.
Lisa- Rachel H.
Donna Sheridan- Isabel G.
Tanya- Abby K.
Rosie- Abby B.
Sky- Nick I.
Pepper- Jaron G.
Eddie- Henry W.
Harry Bright- Zach R.
Bill Austin- Jack H.
Sam Carmichael- Jack B.
Father Alexandrios- Anthony D.

Core Dancers- Carey C, Sophia D, Ashley D, Anthony D, Joseph F, Benji F, Virginia G, Anna H, Emily H, Becca H, Abby J, Stevie M, Liz O, Jared S, Erica S, Sofia U, Luke V

Vocal Ensemble- Emily A, Lily B, Sydney B, Lauren C, Brady C, Kiley C., Phoebe C, Megan C, Katy E, Lucy F, Sophia H, Ellie H, Marie H, Josie H, Erin J, Maya K, Caitlin M, Megan M, Kaitlyn M, Lacey O, Leslie R, Abbie S, Zoe S, Rebecca W, Liza Y.